L.A. NIGHT GLOW BODY OIL: santal + black cardamom

L.A. NIGHT GLOW BODY OIL: santal + black cardamom

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A hydrating, nourishing body oil that moisturizes the skin with a dewy glow with the fragrant scent of our top-selling candle L.A. Night

Luxurious and romantic sandalwood is front and center, complimented by animalic musk and spicy cardamom. Woody, a little dry, earthy, slightly spicy, and sensuous.

Sandalwood has been shown to improve libido due to its abilities to promote mental clarity, relieve stress and provide relaxation and increase sexual desire. Also known to be a natural aphrodisiac, it has been shown to have chemical effects that are similar to human pheromones!

Top: Sandalwood, Black Cardamom
Middle: Amber, Water Lily
Base: Musk, Vanilla

great everyday oil that quenches your skin's thirst with a moisturizing blend of organic antioxidant-rich oils that can also double as a fragrant perfume.


Our oil blend consists of organic Japanese camellia oil, meadowfoam oil,  organic coconut oil,  organic argan oil, and our L.A. night blend consisting of essential oils and natural fragrances. 

Comes in a 4 oz amber glass bottle with pump. For best results, apply right after a bath or shower for optimal hydration and dewy glow. 

*Can also be pumped into a relaxing bath to soften your skin while you soak! 

Ingredient benefits:

Meadowfoam seed oil is a light, cloud-like oil that locks in moisture and allows this formula to penetrate deep into the dermis. With superior ability to bring balance to your complexion, the oil's composition is strikingly similar to that of sebum (aka your skin oils), hydrating your skin without feeling excessively oily. It leaves you with a plump, dewy,  glow without the feeling of a heavy oil resting on your skin

Virgin coconut oil has antimicrobial properties, which make it effective at killing bacteria on skin. It's also highly moisturizing and may reduce inflammation as well as discomfort. It can soothe dry itchy skin resulting from eczema and help prevent infections. Also protects against sun damage!

Camellia oil is rich in vegan squalene and vitamin e. Effective for all skin types including dry skin, combination skin and excellent for sensitive and aging skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne and wounds.  Squalene can balance oil production, providing just enough moisture to keep the skin clear and healthy. Squalane oil also has powerful aging-defying properties and will help the skin age gracefully as well as anti-inflammatory benefits to help with skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Squalane helps to prevent sun damage, which can have a premature aging effect on the skin. It serves as a moisturizer that increases the skin's hydration. An anti-inflammatory, it can alleviate skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. Dry skin types should note that organic camellia oil is rich in oleic acid, a fatty acid that is highly effective at penetrating deeply into the skin where it both increases and maintains healthy moisture levels. Camellia oil is great for those suffering from acne as it has anti-microbial, cicatrizant (promotes wound healing), anti-inflammatory, and mild astringent properties. A potent anti-aging elixir....when your skin is deficient in squalene it can trigger the onset of premature aging symptoms like wrinkles and sagging skin. Continuous use can help to replenish your skin’s supply of this key emollient making your skin appear firmer, more hydrated and toned, smoother-looking skin.

Argan oil, rich in vitamin E  and squalane, and antioxidants, is a protective, nourishing, and balancing oil that can softens dry patches, reduce acne, soothe sensitive skin, reduce and even out scars, increase elasticity & tighten pores. Argan penetrates the skin to boost moisture (while balancing sebum) and activate the creation of natural lipids (aka fats) to protect the skin barrier. 

Sea Buckthorn oil has been used for centuries to help heal burns, cuts, wounds in addition to healing rashes and sun damage. ... Its high omega-fatty acid content helps restore health to skin cells that have been damaged by sun, toxins, chemicals, and the environment. This ingredient is in all Mayumi face oils for its beneficial properties as it may aid in reducing inflammation, skin infections including acne, and dry, irritated skin which may help inhibit the aging process.